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Vendor: SParms

Type: Tops

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Customer Reviews

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Sally C.
Cooler than expected

I wore my new white high neck long sleeve shirt under my official polo at a netball twilight carnival. It was about 32 degrees at 2pm and I was working in the sun assisting with set up. The more I sweat, the cooler I got! The fabric is so light and I felt cooler than if I’d just been in the polo shirt covered in sunscreen! Best part was being able to take off the shirt after the sun went down and not have greasy, sun hot skin. My only minor complaint is the neckline. It just doesn’t stay up at front and collapses, leaving a bit more of my neck exposed. The neckline itself is the perfect height. I just wish it stayed up. Maybe it needs a zip at the back? I think netball is an untapped market for SParms! So many kids getting burnt every weekend. I’ll be recommending them to everyone!


So far have used for bike riding, and will use it for tennis when that starts up again - great for keeping me cool and unburned in the hot steamy summer sun.

Clare Sunderland

I love this product. So cool and comfortable.

Suellen Taylor

It’s great, I’d like to see more colour options

Suellen Taylor

It’s great, I’d like to see more colour options


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