At SParms, we are all about sun safety, innovation, and creativity. 12 years ago, out of a desperate need for more effective protection, we knew 'there must be a better solution' to allow people to do what they do for longer, without having to worry about getting burnt. We were tired of constantly reapplying sunscreen and wearing long sleeves was just not an option (not in the Australian heat). This is when SParms sun protection sleeves were born.

As we grew, so did our vision. We realised that as much as we focused on sunscreen alternatives, you couldn’t ‘SParms up’ your whole body. So this got us started on a new journey to research what makes the best sunscreen ever. We tested many different existing products to see what felt the best on our skin, what smelled the best, assuming it was all safe to use. To our shock and amazement we learned not only about UV filtering chemicals and how harmful they are, but how common and easy they are to find on our supermarket shelves!

Our team learned that many of the chemicals found in these sunscreens are already banned in the EU and the FDA in America is also in the process of banning the very same sunscreens that we can go out and buy today.




As a brand that helps athletes of all levels to play for longer, and being a family owned business, we knew we had to do something. After years of research, sampling, and formulation, we are very proud to present our own solution to this alarming problem.

SParms Organic Sunscreen is the only sunscreen on the market in Australia that is 100% organic and boasts an SPF 50 rating. All the ingredients are absolutely safe for all skin types and have no irritants. The active ingredient, zinc-oxide, is the same ingredient found in common rash creams and has many other benefits. What could be safer than something we already use on our babies’ bottoms?

Through SParms Sunscreen, we hope to remove chemical sunscreens from every home and replace them with zinc based sun blocks that are actually good for you!


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