Sun Protection For Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowlers spend long hours under the sun, which puts them at a higher risk for skin cancer.

SParms wants to combat this through our UPF50+ accredited sun protection products. We offer a wide range of items - from sleeves to wraps and gloves - so that lawn bowl athletes can play without worry.

Our products are sustainable and comfortable, making us the leading choice for sun protection apparel in Australia.

What Our Athletes Love

SP Arms - Shoulder Wrap [Navy] - SParms

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SP Glove (Palmless sun glove) - Crystal logo [Grey] - SParms

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SP Arms - Shoulder Wrap [White] - SParms

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SP Legs - Sun Protection Sleeves for Legs - SParms

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Our Ambassadors



As a lawn bowler I spend a lot of time in the sun. These sleeves give me the protection I need, including the back of hands. Cheaper brands never fit properly and always end up baggy. Just love this Aussie company.

Wendy Taylor


9 JAN 2018, 10:04

I play lawn bowls and sunburnt arms were always a problem, since purchasing my sparms 6 months ago, no more sunburn. they are so comfortable and cool you forget you are wearing them."

John Braddick


17 MAY 2018, 02:35

"Really good I wear then in the sun playing at bowls . It takes the heat off the skin on arms . And they do make your arms feel cooler"

Wayne Eaton


28 SEP 2019, 06:01

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