The Best Sun Protection For Fishing

Fishers spend almost half a day just to get that prized catch, which leads to an increased risk of sunburn, premature wrinkles, eye damage, heat exhaustion, and even skin cancer.

SParms wants to combat this through our UPF50+ accredited sun protection products. We want to keep fishers safe from the sun's harmful UV rays so that they can enjoy their favourite hobby without worry. We offer a wide range of items - from sleeves to wraps and gloves - so that every fisher can get that perfect catch, no matter how long it takes.

Our products are sustainable and comfortable, making us the leading choice for sun protection apparel in Australia.

What Our Fishers Love

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"My wife bought me a pair for xmas in 2016 and I've got to say I'm more than impressed. These things are light and comfortable, but most surprising is that they actually seem cooler than nothing at all! And there's none of the unpleasantness that comes with using lots of sunscreen throughout the day I'd have to say I'm an advocate, and I have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone"

Simon Hodgins

9 JAN 2018, 10:04

"My SP arms are so light, cool and comfortable. The Shawl design makes them fit perfectly. With no gaps for the sun to burn your skin. All my friends want some. Well Done SParms."

Lyn Hunter

17 MAY 2018, 02:35

"I have been an outdoor person all of my life (>60). My skin was always hammered until the time of reckoning when the skin damage came home to roost. I always were hat, long sleeves...etc. Sun sleeves are now part of my normal out door attire. I buy quality local when i can including visors, sun sleeves etc. Australian quality sun protection products eg. Hamilton sunscreen; SPARMS are always preferred because they work and the revenue stays here in Oz."

Paul Robinson

28 SEP 2019, 06:01

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