Sun Safety While Driving

The most common misconception about driving is that you're safe from the sun's harmful UV rays. On the contrary, they still pass through your windows and can cause skin damage.

SParms wants to combat this through our UPF50+ accredited sun protection products. We offer a wide range of items - from sleeves to wraps and gloves - so that every coach can bring out the best in their trainees without worrying about the sun.

Our products are sustainable and comfortable, making us the leading choice for sun protection apparel in Australia.

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SP Arms - Shoulder Wrap [Navy] - SParms

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SP Glove (Palmless sun glove) - Crystal logo [Grey] - SParms

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SP Arms - Shoulder Wrap [White] - SParms

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SP Legs - Sun Protection Sleeves for Legs - SParms

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"These sleeves are the best! No more sun damaged hands or forearms when driving 😃 They are so comfortable to wear & easy to slip off & pop into my handbag when shopping. I love, love, love them!"

Carol Felgate

9 JAN 2018, 10:04

"I purchased a pair of flesh coloured SPArms a year ago to use on our trip out to Birdsville and beyond. The long days in the car, either as a driver or passenger meant my arms would be exposed to the sun through the car windows and windscreen. The SPArms were lightweight, comfortable and effective in blocking out sun from my arms. Since this trip, I use them for driving and also while I'm gardening. I highly recommend them. Simple concept but so effective."

Helen Peden

17 MAY 2018, 02:35

"I use my SParms while driving and working outdoors. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day."

Justin Q.

28 SEP 2019, 06:01

Stay Safe While Driving


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