Sun Protection for Coaches and Trainers

Coaches spend all day in the sun, making sure that the athletes they're training perform at their best in every game. This can lead to increased risk in skin cancer due to the sun's harmful UV rays.

SParms wants to combat this through our UPF50+ accredited sun protection products. We offer a wide range of items - from sleeves to wraps and gloves - so that every coach can bring out the best in their trainees without worrying about the sun.

Our products are sustainable and comfortable, making us the leading choice for sun protection apparel in Australia.

What Our Coaches Love

SP Arms - Shoulder Wrap [Navy] - SParms

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SP Glove (Palmless sun glove) - Crystal logo [Grey] - SParms

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SP Arms - Shoulder Wrap [White] - SParms

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SP Legs - Sun Protection Sleeves for Legs - SParms

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"We have two very fair skinned girls who ride their bikes to and from school. These are great for keeping the sun off their arms on sunny days. They don't have to put greasy sunscreen on before class or carry sunscreen with them and put it on before they ride home. They are extremely practical as they can just take them off before they go into class and they pack up small in their school bags."


9 JAN 2018, 10:04

"I've always had trouble with any other brand of Sun sleeves, always too loose and falling down because they are always unisex sizing and don't cater for small female arms. Your sizing caters for everyone, and when I received mine promptly in the mail I was instantly impressed with the quality, fit and comfort. Definitely a repeat customer here. Thank you."

Peta Baddock

17 MAY 2018, 02:35

"My wife bought me a pair for xmas in 2016 and I've got to say I'm more than impressed. These things are light and comfortable, but most surprising is that they actually seem cooler than nothing at all! And there's none of the unpleasantness that comes with using lots of sunscreen throughout the day I'd have to say I'm an advocate, and I have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone."

Simon Hodgins

28 SEP 2019, 06:01

Bring out the best in your athletes

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