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Customer Reviews

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Angela Borg
Face Gaiter

Nice smooth, non-itchy fabric with good ventilation that protects my face and neck.

Jane Harrison

I’m a postie, and even with sunscreen on, you can feel the sun and temperature cook you. The soft, silky, cool material protects not only from UV, but also from the heat. Of course you apply sunscreen underneath, as the meshed breathable fabric in front of the nose and mouth isn’t 50+, but the added protection from the elements is the difference between a hot and Hellish day. The meshed part is just like breathing without a mask. I pair this with cycling wrap around sunglasses, and between them it cuts out out all exposed areas of skin not covered by my helmet.

The appearance doesn’t freak out the customers either. If anything it’s a talking point. Highly recommend.

Fantastic Item

Great fit, lightweight. Helps me keep sun off my lips and wind out of my mouth (I'm asthmatic) while I horseride.

Peter Hunt
Cool and comfortable

Used this successfully in Queensland spring time up to 10:00am so far. UV forecast at this time of year is mostly "Very High", not yet extreme. Didn't notice any issue with sunburn through the gauze nose/mouth area that some reviewers complained about so I'm happy and think this is a good buy. It's cool to wear and not at all uncomfortable. Might look a bit odd but beats sunburn and allows me to stay out longer on the bike or work outside for longer.

jimmy rosewater
Neck Gaiter/Face Shield

Nice idea but falls down in the mesh part at the front that has been put in for 'breathability' they say. The sun doesn't give a shit about that, and will burn your nose, cheeks and lips right through the mesh if you wear this thing in the sun for a few hrs. I can speak from experience on that. Completely useless product, get a real neck gaiter from somewhere else for less money.