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Vendor: SParms

Type: Shawls

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Customer Reviews

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Aidan Clarke
Great sun sleeves, just be aware that “Crystal” means bedazzled! 😜

Great sun sleeves.. I just wasn’t aware that the “Crystal” meant it was bedazzled with little rhinestone looking things.. I had hoped it meant the logo was a little more subtle than the giant blue on the regular SParms. The image on the site made it look smaller, but discovered it was bedazzled once I opened the package..

Patimah Core

SP - Shoulder Wrap - Crystal logo [White Shawl]

Karen Del Popolo
Awesome Shoulder Wrap

I ordered a shoulder wrap with a little reservation. I play golf and was concerned the wrap would cut in under my arm when I swung the golf club. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when this was not the case. They are comfortable, I don't get sun burnt when I have them on and the crystal Logo ones add bling which I love. I will be ordering more in different colours in the future.

Julie James

SP - Shoulder Wrap - Crystal logo [White Shawl]

Leonie Chikumbo

I bought a white M sized shawl replete with the crystal bling, and I love the bling, colour, feel of the material and obvious fact that the sleeves shield my arms from harmful UV rays. I also bought a pair of the normal sleeves, which were size S - communiciated with SP arms before I bought them to verify the size of them. I bought size M shawl because some of the clothing I buy is M.
I haven't bought a shawl in this style before but find that the back part creeps up and then protrudes above my teeshirt neckline and looks a bit funny. Just wondered whether this usual for this style of shawl?